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Separate customrecipes.xml


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I've just started tinkering with the custom recipes in 7dtd. I find it a wonderfully simple and elegant way to tweak the game to my own and my players' preferences without getting too involved in messing with the assets files. Almost a "poor man's mod" if you will. However with every new version the list changes and I have to go back in and manually copy all of my recipes into the recipes.xml file to get them back into my server. I don't know how difficult this request is but it would save us recipe guys a lot of time if we could have a separate customrecipes.xml file that the game would recognize. That way I can keep all my custom recipes in that file and just copy it into the new update's folder alongside the new recipes.xml If it's a big hassle then no worries but it's certainly a "would be nice" feature that I would appreciate!
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