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Add Tags to POIs to be used by Quests


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I think it should be possible to add tags to POIs. These could then be used by quests to allow for more specific quests.


Currently clear quests have a difficulty_tier property, which corresponds to a DifficultyTier property in the POIs. What if we added a set of tags to POIs, and clear quests such that a clear quest would only choose POIs with at least 1 of the tags.


For example, the tag Military_Base could be added to all of the military base POIs, and we could create a clear quest that would only select POIs with the Military_Base tag.


Now that isn't very exciting. But we can do the same thing with fetch quests. What if we wanted an early fetch quest for a beaker. Getting a quest to find a beaker in a random POI isn't that realistic, but what if the quest only looked for realistic tags. Tags like Science_Lab, Medical_Lab, or Meth_Lab.


So what does this get us. It gets us a highly dynamic quest system and sets us up for new quest types in the future. I've looked in Localization - Quest.txt and it appears they have plans for additional missions. I envision a system where you go to the trader and ask for an auger. They say they don't have one, but tell you the location of 3 nearby places to check. A hardware store, a construction site, and a house with a shed in the back. One of them will have it.


By making the tags part of the POIs it also allows for custom POIs to be included. If I make a meth lab trailer POI, I can give it the Meth_Lab tag and the quest for a beaker would be able to use it.



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