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Highly Custom Server Looking To Grow Current Population


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TITAN'S METROPOLIS is a growing server and we seek new players to keep the momentum going. We have put in hours of work customizing this server. You will find countless customizations that we have tweaked ourselves to optimize game play. We are engaged with the players and our customizations have been tested and accepted by the majority on our server. We have a massive 8k extremely custom map that you will not find anywhere else. We have balanced out perks and weapon damage to make the useless weapons viable. On our server, because of our custom settings, you will have plenty of weapons to choose from that are actually worth using in PVP and PVE. We have 2 active administrators, KriegEternal and Rags. Come check us out. I bet you will enjoy our custom server.


This server is not easy mode, which means it isn't boring mode either. We have the difficulty scaled up to keep the game interesting. As you start out on our server you wil enjoy a custom set of starting items and you will need them due to the increased difficulty. As you progress, the game gets easier and balances out, which makes playing here extremely rewarding.


This server runs on a symmetrical gigabit fiber connection and the server hardware is not shared with any other applications. This means the server gives 100% of its resources to 7 Days to Die dedicated server.


See you in game!






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