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Workstations clear ETA


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I imagine the comments, but i don't feel so "relaxed" about how the burning timer for smelting/crafting works.



The fact:


when you got a lot of smelt/craft work for forges/chem stations/campfire you need a lot of wood BUT don't want to waste it.

Still you(at least, me) want to END the crafting/smelting without checking the timer.

Coming back and finding all the work done without wasting fuel is SO cool.



Current "player" fix:


for crafting you can sum by yourselft timers and put the right amount of wood (circa)

for smelting you can try to calculate, but the unit crafting timer does not help to make a precise number (and you need to check both smelting queues sometimes)





1) Burn time left (current fuel) GREEN when you cover ALL crafting/smetling, RED when you cant finish the work

2) showing a "Work complete" ETA for smelting + crafting (less dumb but at least you need to check only a single number and throw wood to match it)



I understand that a bit of player calculation is viable.. but i don't really want to stop the fun for checking numbers IF/WHEN possible.. we got a TON of work to do, this is only clutter (IMHO and not complaining).



Love to do that:

Got a large POI quest, in 30 seconds: fill 3-4-5 forges, check timers, put the right amount of wood.. go to the quest, passing a night of looting/smashing out of the main base knowing that when i come back all is ready and without wasting resources.



I know it sounds stupid.. standard OCD post.

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