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Electricity: Diverter Switch, Small Fence Post


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after working a bit with traps etc.. i feel we miss two basics to wire a perfect base!




First thing: Diverter switch.


I always need to switch on/off defenses manually from inside my base AND from outside or from many different points.


Currently the only workaround is placing the main switch inside the base with a half-block-hole to switch from outside, this limits a lot the placing of the switch and is a bit "rough" in respect of all the cool things we can do.


A diverter switch with dentical model as a switch needs a connection with another diverter switch (as for the electric fence post) and can be connected with any other device as the normal switch (or even another diverter switch).


Switching any of the diverters will toggle the output.




Second thing: Low Fence Post


The electric fence post is cool, but you cant place them to kill dogs/spider zombies/crawlers without digging a 1m hole down and place the fence here (ugly to do and to see, looks like a "patch").


It's not the end of the word, but in a game with 2 size of zombies, placing a low-version of fence looks legit and makes sense (and feels good), even a double-fence with 2 wires (1m,2m height) can be cool (with x2 power/material cost ofc).

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