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The World's End [PvP|EU]


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Dedicated physical server in Falkenstein/Germany, with i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz / 32 GiB RAM.


wiped @ 2019-11-16


discord https://discord.gg/m4rzrnj


Server settings

  • PvP
  • Vanilla Files
  • 42 player slots
  • Modlets (A18 HUD by Zauberfuss and my custom mod to reduce XP level penalty by 40%)
  • 8K (8192x8192) Map (this is x4 times the default RWG size)
  • 300% Experience
  • 200% Loot
  • 2 LCB's (Land Claim Blocks) / player
  • Each LCB claims 41 x 41 meters (20 blocks in each direction)


Server Rules

  • The usual rules apply. Have fun, respect other players, be kind.
  • Don't cheat. This includes all forms of cheating, glitching and exploiting. You'll get banned and that's no fun.
  • This is a PvP server. But please go easy on new/low level players, eg. by not looting them if you'd happen to kill one.
  • Raiding is allowed. But without vehicles nor zombies. And we do not tolerate unnecessary destruction/griefing/collapsing of others players bases.
  • Don't claim POI's. But feel free to claim non-POI's, even in cities.
  • No killing at traders. And no camping nor claiming in the close vicinity.
  • The preferred language is English. So please keep lengthy discussions in any other languages to private chats.

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