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Want to eat some corn? Cornfield is looking for you!


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Hello, Stranger.


I just wanted to try my luck here. A group of friends and I have recently started hosting a dedicated server. If you are in the Hawaii area or on the US West Coast (or in Central US), feel free to come by and play with us! We are a mature and friendly group of old people who are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Young or old, you are always welcome on our server!


Server Stats:

  • Alpha 18.0 Stable
  • PvE (no kill)
  • 8k Map
  • 20-Player Server
  • Nomad Difficulty (Default)
  • Each day is 90 minutes
  • Drop nothing on death
  • Zombies' movement set to Walk/Walk during Day/Night cycle with increased feral zombie spawn at night. About 1/6 of the zombies players encounter at night will be a feral. A feral is a running zombie with glowing eyes.
  • Air drop and loot respawn every 7 days. No marker on air drop.
  • Every other game settings set to default (Loot & Exp. at 100%).
  • ServerTools: Set home, teleport to home, earn coins by killing zombies, spend coins at the shop, etc.
  • Modded server: Personalized .xml edits on my part. Screamer has been replaced with Wight until heat zones are fully functional. Two times more zombies at night. Minor changes to items' stack size. Class quests will be added after 18.2 Stable is out (along with a server reset to integrate 18.1 and 18.2 changes).



If you are interested, come by for a visit. Thank you for taking your time to read my post!

The server name is Cornfield. Server version is 18.0 Stable.


Have a good day!

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