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Need a hand with making things lootable


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I'm trying to make the POI solar bank lootable like the destroyed generator bank and battery bank but so far have been unsuccessful.


From what I can find, theres 2 properties that make an item lootable plus the associated loot lists

<property name="Class" value="Loot"/>

<property name="LootList" value=""/>

I have appended that to the "cntCollapsedSolarbank" block and created the associated loot list, (i gave it the id 1023 which is the max loot list ID number), however it remains unlootable.


Anyone have any pointers ?



This is what I have ATM


<!-- Items.xml, adds loot tag to the POI Solar Bank "cntCollapsedSolarbank" -->
<append xpath="/blocks/block[@name='cntCollapsedSolarbank']">
	<property name="Class" value="Loot"/>
	<property name="LootList" value="1000"/>
	<property class="RepairItems">
		<property name="resourceForgedIron" value="5"/>
		<property name="resourceElectricParts" value="3"/>
		<property name="resourceElectricParts" value="2"/>
		<property name="resourceScrapPolymers" value="2"/>



<!-- Loot.xml, Adds new loot list for POI solar bank, the max cap for lootcontainer id is 1023
Add to SolarCell and SolarBank with low probability to <lootgroup name="workingStiffs">
<append xpath="/lootcontainers">
	<!-- cntCollapsedSolarbank -->
	<lootcontainer id="1000" count="0,1" size="6,1" sound_open="open_vending" sound_close="close_vending" loot_quality_template="qualBaseTemplate">
		<item name="resourceBrokenGlass" count="1,30" prob="19"/>
		<item name="solarCell" count="1,4" prob=".5"/>

<append xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name='workingStiffs']">
	<item name="solarCell" prob=".2"/>
	<item name="solarbank" prob=".2"/>

The working stiffs crate loot works and the repair components bit in blocks.xml seems to work.

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