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Change storage capacity of blocks?


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The size of a container is defined in loot.xml, the id for cntLockersShortClosed and cntLockersTallClosed is 43, so you'd want to alter the size of the lootlist with id 43.


Here's what the xpath would look like to set the size to 6,6 (default is 6,2 so this triples it).

<set xpath="/lootcontainers/lootcontainer[@id='43']/@size">6,6</set>


You didn't specify a number or I'd have just posted a modlet doing it, but it's simple enough to implement.

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Hey thanks a lot! I was looking at a modlet that changes the vehicle storage for reference but I wasn't sure how to find the locker IDs or what have you.


They are all listed in loot.xml (7 days to die main folder/data/config/loot.xml)


The one Weyrling posted (43) is of course the lockers ;)

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