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Vending Machines Rework (Concept)


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Me and my girlfriend have been playing this game and really enjoying it, and we had an idea that should (In theory) be easy enough to implement, and add a little bit of flair to the game.


We were playing, and found the vending machines just a little bit disappointing. We were excited to get some energy-boosting snacks and drinks from the machines, but found only normal canned foods and the like within. Our thought was that perhaps vending machines could be coded to;


1) Accept old-world money, rather than the casino chips. It seems a bit more realistic, and in theory should be easy enough to code. The stuff can be found in abundance, but as it stands at the moment the only uses for it are to sell to traders, or to use as paper/to burn. This would give the item a purpose in the game, and make it more desirable to find/keep.


2) Have actual snack foods in the vending machines. These could be in the form of bags of chips, candy bars, and sodas (Canned and bottled), or even some alcohols/teas/juices. This would give a wider variety of foods. These foods and drinks could provide a lower Hunger/Thirst satiation, but in return provide a larger Stamina Regeneration. They could have fun alternate names to existing products, as well, with a few of our ideas following.


Sodas: Spurt, Rocket Fuel, 7Down, etc, and maybe even a few campy names like Rude Bear Root Beer, or Zombie Dew.


Drinks: Navezgane Iced Tea, Zombieaide.


Chips: Days, Wrinkles...


Candy Bars: Zombiefinger, Snackers.



Eitherway, it was just a thought we had, that would add a bit more flavor to the game, and provide yet more variety in foods that could be acquired, while also giving a specific aspect of the game a bit more usefulness/variety.


What's everyone's thoughts on it? And any fun ideas for product names? I might mock a few up in photoshop later if I have the time.

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