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chunkreset command information

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If Alloc or anybody is reading this that has any chunkreset command information they would be willing to share, it would be greatly appreciated. For years of hosting 7D2D now, we have always had to reset entire region files which obviously is not ideal but better than wiping the map or doing nothing at all. Now we are really excited about this chunkreset command. It appears to work great in single player. Also it "appears" to work in Multiplayer but it does not stick. We have tried noting the chunk X & Z range then leaving the area then leaving the game in the hopes of a "Chunk Dump" from cache and then returning to run the command with the expectations of seeing the desired effect but we get nothing. So some detailed instructions on how to use the ChunkReset CMD would be AWESOME for many server hosts. Thanks in advance for any info anyone can and will share on this command.

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