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CHAINLESS | PvE | 300%Loot | 500%EXP | Mods


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CHAINLESS | PvE | 300%Loot | 500%EXP | Mods


Link to server and discord: https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/87061/


Alpha 18 Stable


IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A COMMUNITY, AND NOT JUST A SERVER, CHECK US OUT! The Chainless raises the bar. We're not just the cliche "active admins", we're EXPERIENCED admins. We know that when you want the latest version, you want it right away. When you have a bug, you want it fixed right away. When you have a question, you not only want a quick response, but you want a real answer to your problem not guess work. Discord has a ticket server for issues also.




RULES: No spam, racism, sexism, slurs or excessive cussing.


No griefing, destroying, looting or raiding of players bases.


Do NOT destroy any prefab buildings.


Do not build or place a LCB in any prefab building (Prefabs/Roads must also be excluded from your LC area).


No building of bases, placing LCB, or base protections within 100 blocks of cities, towns, and traders or inside any prefab.


If you build in a prefab your land claim will be removed.


Note: Players can place 4 landclaim blocks, placement of a fifth will result in the first block becoming “inactive”/disabled.


MODS: Bigger Backpack - Adds a 6x13(78 slot) slot backpack UI, upgraded from the 5x9(45 slot) Original vanilla backpack.


Slightly Shorter Zombie Melee Range - Do you feel that zombie extendo-arms are a tad too extendy? This mod shortens their reach a little. Your face will thank you!


Junction Box - Adds two Electrical Junction Boxes (relays), with invisible wiring.


Vehicle Respawner - Respawns cars, buses and army trucks.


RussianDoods GrassCutter - Grasscutter mod to mow down and harvest plant fibers quickly and easily.


Pickup-able Workstations - This modlet enables the picking up of forges, cement mixers, workbenches and chemistry stations you find in the world, using a wrench.


SimpleUI-LeftHUD-NoTemp - These modlets add some extra HUD bars and info to the UI as well as rework the toolbelt and make a few other changes.


Harvest-able Zombies - enables the harvest of bones, rotten flesh and fat and potassium nitrate from zombies upon death.


MAP: Size: 8k by 8k- generated map. (NOT BASE GAME MAP)


ADMINS: Active and EXPERIENCED admins and owners to help you with any issues that may arise.


-Have an issue or something go wrong in game? We have a ticket system in our discord!

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