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loving a18, but please make schematic only skills do more, to avoid skillpoint regret


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Totally loving a18 and love how they brought back schematics/recipe books. I notice though that some skills that give you schematics also give you a bonus to that skill, so that even if you bought it then get the schematic later, you dont totally regret it because you are still getting some value out of it. Not all are like that though, and some are really weak. For example:


Cooking skills in the strength tree: Gives you a mere speed bonus to cooking, feels very lame, and feels like wasted points if you later find those recipes.

-Suggestion: Make each level also give a 10% chance to cook +1 free bonus item at no cost.


Grease Monkey skill in the intellect tree: Really feels like wasted points because it takes a lot of skill points just to get the minibike, then if you happen to find the parts or schematics, you feel like you just wasted all those points.

-Suggestion: Make each level also increase speed when using vehicles, and/or increase cargo space too.


Same on and same on,,, for the other skills which are mainly about recipes and schematics. That way if you want to avoid those and just play with RNG loot schematics that you find, you can do that. But if you want to put points into them then you at least get some other small bonus that will make your char stand out from some guy who randomly found it all and whose char doesnt have that knowledge. Thanks.

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