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Multiplayer Gamestages


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My friend and I opened up a private server to play on. The only modifier we have is the difficulty is on Nomad, but that shouldn't affect things too severely. Before we even made it to the first horde night, some crazy ♥♥♥♥ happened.


  • On around Day 4, I traveled near the edge of the wasteland. First thing I see is an infected officer. The gamestage was less than 5 at this point.
  • Once we had a forge running, screamers came marching into our base. We killed at least five over the span of 2 days.
  • Spider zombies were spawning and attacking the base. I noticed that in singleplayer, they can still spawn at night as ferals.
  • This may be a bug or connection issue, but zombies seem to have extreme reach. When fighting from a distance, zombies could still hit us from about double the normal range


On the brighter side, loot seemed to be drastically improved. We've found plenty of guns, schematics, and other goodies (compared to my singleplayer world, I found less).


Not that I mind the challenge, but is this how gamestage/difficulty is normally scaled in multiplayer?

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