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FOCUS server


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Ive been playing on this server for a week, and today the server was wiped and restarted from day 1. This isn't my problem, just background. When the server came back online it is now password protected but in the description it says to WhatsApp 0749591209, and this is my problem. I literally can't put that number into whatsapp, it keeps taking the 0 and putting it on the outside of the area code and telling me "can't do dis".


1) if you know what im doing wrong with whatsapp, please help me out

2) if you are the host of ARKSERVERS.IO - FOCUS please put a country code in your description or pm me on here with the password, because I can not put in your number to whatsapp.

3) if you play on this server, would you please bring this post to an admins attention.

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