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Hey guys, Iآ’ve been thinking about zombie pathing and how itآ’s changed over the last several alphas - more specifically how players can predict their behavior to create bases that are essentially unstoppable . It seems zombies used to try and match player elevation in A17 and now they focus on being آ“underآ” the player to the point you can trick them with Ramos and they run in circles. I guess what Iآ’m saying here is there is always an exploit because the zombies are predictable.


So my question / thought is such : can you have an attribute on each individual zombie that randomizes, say, 4 numbers and maps those to axis (or pathing methods) that the zombies prefer? I wonder how much it will limit options when not all zombies path the same way. Iآ’ve noticed all the work youآ’ve put into pathing on A18 but I think the key is not one solution fits all but randomizing zombies behavior.

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