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Downloadable A18 8K Random maps for AMD GPU User


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Due to new bug at A18, AMD GPU users can't generate usable random maps.


I generated some 8K random maps in my NVIDIA GPU Laptop and uploaded them to google drive. Just download the RAR file and unzip it to "C:\Users\<Your windows login>\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds", then you can use those random maps in you game!




West Wukoje Territory <- "Hong Kong" Seed 8K Map

New Betivu Valley <- "Kowloon" Seed 8K Map

South Mifau County <- "Tuen Mun" Seed 8K Map

East Robopa County <- "Yuen Long" Seed 8K Map

West Yajire Territory <- "Sha Tin" Seed 8K Map

North Huxixi Mountains <- "Tsuen Wan" Seed 8K Map

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