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A18: Just some of my happy thoughts

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So I have been playing since, well honestly I can't remember...according to steam though I have 1733 hours in game. So far less than 24 of that has been spent on A18 and it's already by far my favorite. The changes you guys have made in this Alpha are amazing. The graphics have never looked better, n'or has the game run so smoothly on high settings for me.


The perk system is very nice, I think I like this version much better than any of its predecessors. In earlier Alpha's my favorite weapon was the spiked club, it did massive damage. I could strike a deer or other animal with it and they would almost always end up bleeding out quickly. Zombies almost always got beat down in one strike from it, at most 2. I loved how it would almost always make their heads explode when I hit them in the head with it. By far I loved that weapon more than any others in the game. Now though I have to say my new found love is the stun baton. The picture for the inventory form of it is hilariously perfect and I get super giggly when the zombies get stunned. I wish I could rename my items in-game, I want to give it a most wonderful name!


I've only just begun with seeing what is in store in this Alpha but so far, I'm just about to hit sunrise on day 4 with a 2 hour day cycle, and I am loving every minute of the game.


Well done, everyone at TFP, you all are amazing!



~Sukuyan Fallen :smile-new:

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