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Question about language patch. ( to administrator)


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Hi This is Simon in South Korea!

I really love 7DTD and enjoy this awesome game.

..and sorry for my horrible English.



I'm vice administrator of 7DTD Korean community blog

(There were some communities few years ago.. but now, this blog is the last survived one..)

and I have some questions about Korean-language patch.


I and my friends made a team for making 7DTD Korean patch. We finished to make the patch few weeks ago and now we distribute the patch in the community blog.


(of course, it is free for everyone who certified steam profile and bought 7DTD. We HATE illegal downloaders and never accept them in community.)


Is it okay to keep uploading the patch in community?


If you guys want, We can give our patch for official language patch gladly. Moreover, We'll keep update the patch whenever the new version come out.



This is the community address. (every things in Korean of course.. lol)



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