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Suggestions for better endgame?


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We've all been to a point in the game where we don't really have much left to wanna do besides gather scrap for ammo and just fight zombies but with all these new changes to the game coming I had a few suggestions I feel that maybe would fit 7dtd?


* Modded Weapons - The point of the game is surviving but in order to survive you need to go out into the world and scavenge for parts or materials to better combat the game stage. BUT you're capable of finding weapons in crates but what would make the game more fun possibly early game or middle or even end game depending on RNG is Modded Weapons for example where you go out and have a chance of possibly finding a AK47 with a suppressor or even a Shotgun that's modded to be a sawed off? Because right now it's not hard to find a Pistol, SMG, Rifle, Marksman Rifle, or even Shotgun, or Revolver so modded versions would make it better for players to get extra mods they may of been looking for or even just to make the weapons you find more fun to use.


* Specialization Mods - A super rare only found in the high tier chest loot ( the big armored locked crates you find in the factories ) and occasionally have a chance at finding a mod for weapons

----> Example; Heavy Suppressor - A Suppressor made to fit only the AK47 that makes your rounds travel further and hit harder regardless of the target being alive or once dead! | UltraLite FlashLite - A Flashlight only suitable for CQB weapons such as the SMG or Pistol that when the light is activated it's brighter than the Standard Weapon Flashlight and when confronting targets it has a chance to blind them and keep them away long enough for you to send off a couple rounds!


* Specialized/Military Grade Weapons - Yes this is essentially a page out of Rust but with a twist!; Have weapons that are ONLY LOOTABLE OR ZONE SPECIFIC SPAWNS

----> This would present a initiative in PvPvE if for example theres always a HUGE Military Silo POI in RWG and for example have it's loot at the end possibly have a Specialized/Military grade Weapon! Like; A M416 Assault Rifle that's custom fitted to shoot the Standard 7.62mm Ammo that the AK47 shoots. And maybe add extra stuff to it or any other weapons that could maybe present an extra bit of sweetness to it that'll make someone wanna go for it like; Extra DMG against blocks or a Standard 45Rnd Mag that's default or anything really that just makes it crave-able and maybe have some Melee weapons or Firearm class specials.


* Stat changing mods - Self explanatory kinda but Mods for gear or weapons that can do basic but useful Stat increases such as; Increased Durability + slower degrade rate or Holsters/Slings/Belts that grant better attributes to weapons like No matter the slot your pistol pulls out +40% quicker when chest armor is equipped with a Holster etc just basic mods that can help improve basic features that'd grant a better incentive to go for mods that can actually help player animation feels.


These are just suggestions or things I thought that would make the game a bit more fun for players like me who love having a reason to go out and spend time searching for a super rare item I've always wanted.

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