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Server Denying commands. Unable to teleport

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I am using 7D2D RAT. I am unable to teleport despite setting the admin level for bc-teleport to 0 after having it at 1000 and my admin level is 1000. Additionally, this server is for my friends and I. How would I make it so that they could teleport too without giving them admin access. Everytime I type in bc-teleport or tp I get denying command to "my microwave"(steam name). I have been on servers where in the chat you can just do a /commands, /tp, /gimmie. How would I enable that in my personal dedicated server as well? I would much prefer being able to set tp to bed or tp to an actual location name other than coordinates. If I can only do it through the Server Tools ad on (dmustangr), how would I incorporate server tools into my already existing mods such as Bad Company and Alloc's fixes to allow RAT to run (because I only have one Mod folder and in Server Tools it says not to unpack anything from the mods folder). Thank you for your time. If you need any more information please ask and I will reply as soon as possible. :fat:

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