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Server#2 The Proving Grounds - New Player Friendly - Builder Friendly

Two Penguins

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Announcing “The Proving Grounds” by Two Penguin Gaming.


Ideal for those new to the game or want a slower start and learn more.

This server will be set to an easier mode. Longer days, More loot as we share what we learned with each member of the server. If you have questions we will do our best to answer or find the answer for you.


This server has no need of Mods So it is straight vanilla.


The Ideal Member for our Two Penguins Gaming Community


The more Mature Player that is here to enjoy Gaming with like minded People.

Age 30 or Older ( Unless married and both husband and wife play in game together)

Living in the United States

In Good Standing with Steam

No Vac or Community Bans on any game

Name must not be on Global Ban list

Must have discord

Not interested in discuss politics while gaming

We are seeking people in the United States Time Zones at this time.


Two Penguins Gaming Community has Zero Tolerance toward:


Drama ( all involved 3 day ban)

Rudeness and disrespect toward any member

Using and abusing known bugs and or glitches in any part of the game. Instant 100 year ban!

Hacking. Instant 100 year ban!

Cheating in an form or fashion.


Please also remember this is alpha and things go wrong it is a matter of time.

On the proving ground server we encourage you to suck it up and go on, however if it is an issue on ur side we will replace what is lost.

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