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Gamingogs #1 7d2d server [na][pvpve][military vets][custom modlets][modded][lootboxes


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Welcome to GamingOGs 7D2D Servers!

We're OG for a reason! We offer some high-quality 7D2D servers and community compared to our competition! We believe very strongly in building a safe clean community that everyone can enjoy! We have custom coded modlets being developed that no other atlas server will have to offer! Come check it out and see what you think!


  1. Rated #1 on Reddit!
  2. Fast Rates
  3. Giveaways
  4. Custom Coded Ranks
  5. Outstanding nontoxic community. (Zero Toxicity and friendly all around peeps)
  6. Dedicated YouTubers and Streamers (Some of the biggest play our servers!)
  7. Amazing Custom Kits
  8. Amazing Dedicated Staff Team
  9. Godly Ping, Globally! (US - EU - AUS; All have an amazing low ping on our servers!)
  10. Caffeine pills (stam increase buff)
  11. Steel, Diamond, and Legendary Armor and Items
  12. Stronger and more durable armor, tools, and weapons
  13. Weapon Attachments
  14. Silencers, scopes, and expanded ammo magazines Already in game
  15. Custom Guns
  16. Ruger, M82, Duke Coin Rifle, Flamethrower, Elephant Gun, AutoPistol and AutoShotty
  17. Custom Ammo
  18. Hollow Point, Incendiary, and Shock rounds
    Pistol-HuntingRifle-MarksRifle-Crossbows-Bows = Incendiary Ammo
    Pistol-HuntingRifle-MarksRifle-Crossbows-Bows = Shock Ammo
    Hollow Point = Blow limps off easier
  19. Shiny Headgear
  20. attach flashlights to just about any headpiece
  21. Heated and Cooled Shades and Night Vision Goggles
  22. to easily adjust temperature +40 or -40
  23. Miracle Splint
  24. instantly heal that broken leg
  25. Miracle Pill
  26. instantly cure just about any ailment
  27. Keys
  28. instantly unlock safes
  29. Redbull and Butterbeer
  30. travel 50%+ faster than normal
  31. Grasscutter
  32. cuts and collects grass super quickly
  33. Fuel Logs
  34. Super dense wood logs for extended cooking sessions
  36. This mod will allow you to harvest, plant, and farm cannabis. The cannabis can be consumed in joint form, or tea form, and will provide you with a temporary increase to your running speed at the cost of some fullness and hydration, it will also obscure your vision a bit when active. Can be found and harvested in the wild.
  37. AutoMiner
  38. machines that collect resources for you every 3 hours Attached to MiracleGrow
  39. Miracle Grow
  40. for completing custom autostations with no wait! Attached to AutoMiner
  41. Player classes (Builder, miner, fighter, scavenger; picked at start)-
  42. each has specific perks and kits
  43. Junction Block
  44. a concrete block that works like a relay; for hiding wires in walls



Military Veteran Program:

Unlike other servers, We want to give back to the community and people who have served in the military! We reward military vets for playing on our server. They get a custom rank in discord and a custom rank in the game. This rank in-game will give you a special coded loot box that's special for the military rank.

Many vets suffer from PTSD and Panic Disorder coming home from the military, We have backgrounds in psychology and we understand that mental health is a grave matter and studies have been done stating video games can provide some sort of relief for PTSD patients. As a result of this, we want to promote positive and provide a system in place to award our vets and offer them something cool.You won't find any server out there that offers what we have with such dedicate care and passions in gaming.


Blessing Program:

We are the first server to launch a program created for everyone on the server. At the end of every month, we give away $50-$100 USD GIFT CARDS that work in our donation store to give back to our community.


Custom Coded Shop system:

In-game shop with points and loot boxes, earn them by activities or donations to help keep the server going and get more unique features added.



Everyone who plays on our server can earn FreeVIP rank!


Connect Info:

Discord: https://discord.me/gamingogs

Server IPs:

http://steam://connect/ = PVE LOW RATE

http://steam://connect/ = PVE HIGH RATE

http://steam://connect/ = PVP HIGH RATE


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