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Prepper Modlets


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My modlets for Preppers Mod.



M84 Stun Grenade <- Download

Craft in workstation stun grenade that drops players, zeds and animals, then stuns for a few sec.

Radius is set to 5. Has two new buffs. No harm to entities and 1 damage to block - good for clearing grass.

Detonates on impact, so don't accidentally drop from your pack as it will go BANG. Can only do on impact and not fuse time in order to add the stun buffs. 3D model by Gatostas.

of it in action - without the new prefab.




HE Grenade - Almost done


Red smoke Grenade - Done but needs fixing


Para Flare - TBA - attract Zeds and light up sky


Meat stink bomb - TBA


Punji Stake - TBA to add infection buff.


Heaps more.

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