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Moving a save game to dedicated server


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Hello, so me and a friend just got a dedicated server up and everything works fine, except, we can not figure out how to get our p2p save to the dedicated server ..

We tried to load it and it works for the part we already discovered, but getting close to where the map is undiscovered we just get a huge wall, like there would be another map there

.. does anyone know what would we have to write into the game name in the serverconfig file to make it work?


We want to load the Zuhehi territory folder



https://prnt.sc/nsv1gj serverconfig file

https://prnt.sc/nsv1av 7 days to die save folder

https://prnt.sc/nsv12e map name

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Try changing the World Name value from "RWG" to "Zuhehi Territory". Other thing I could think of is going into the /*server-dir*/saves/*map-name/*game-name*/Region/ Folder and delete all the regions that dont work correctly. Only problem is I dont know how to tell what region is where in your map. Maybe if you look at this region map layout for Navesgane you could super-impose the grid layout on your map and estimate what grid your base is in?

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