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7Days2Die Build and Survive - PAID AND STAYING


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Hello all,


Just here to let y' all know that I and two mates set up a server, which is paid for months in advance and available for the community as well.

Some pointers about the servers settings & a little info for you all so you know where and how to find it and get connected.




- PvP allowed


- No friendly fire (but strangers can kill you)


- No damage to claimed structures while you and allies are offline (so you won't lose your base while you are at work or sleeping)


- 31-day decay timer (so you can go on holiday and not lose your base)


- >24 slots and expanding as people join (if more people join, we will make more room)


- 120% loot (enough for everyone, if you don't want to try and rob other survivors:distrust:)


- 250% XP gain (so even if you join at a later date, you can still get levels pretty quick)


- 120 minute days


- Blood moon every 14th day



Server details



7Days2Die Build and Survive - PAID AND STAYING






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