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The Den of NOD


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The Den of NOD


Are you looking for a hardcore 7D2D experience like no other?

IP and Name: The Den of NOD, IP: Port: 41351


2-hour days. 18 hours of in game daylight.


Difficulty set to 100%, zombies scale to your game stage. Don’t let the difficulty scare you away. Our community of players will help you survive.


Custom zombies and custom holiday events, i.e. zombie Easter bunny event with tiered, colored eggs for trading.


100% hand crafted custom map, modeled after the Grand Canyon.


All mods are 100% handmade unique to our server. Absolutely no downloads required, EVER. Come check out our unique items.


Loot respawns every 15 days.


Custom server community areas, i.e. /CommandCenter for traders and vending machines and /LastStand for community horde night.


Custom server commands provided my BOTMAN.


PvE server with PvP arena.


Helpful/active admins and moderators both in game and in discord. We strive to make the game as hard and demanding, but fun as possible.


If you are interested, shoot me a message for an invite to our discord.


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