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Norwegian 7D2D Darknessfalls modded server.


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Darkness befalls the northerens.


We are currently looking for new recruits.

Tomorrow at 18:00 CEST we will wipe the servers.


We are a social gang and new additions to the society are more than welcome.

At the moment most players are from Norway, but anyoen is free to join and hang out.


Connect to our discord for more info.


Server info: Darkness Falls Modded.


Server name: Darknessfalls befalls the northerens. NO|ENG|PVE|BOT|

Connection Info: oslo13.spillvert.no:26950

No password.

EAC must be disabled.



PvE Only.

Loot respawn: 30 days.

Loot: 100%

Xp: 100%

Difficulty: 3/5

Airdrop frequency: every 5.th day. No drop marker.


Landclaims: 4. Size 20 each.



Client need the Darknessfalls mod:

2 ways to install it.


1: Manually

For instructions see link to mod info.


2: Through the Mod Launcher.

Simply DL the mod launcher and follow the instructions.


Mod info:


Info about the mod




For any questions contact me.


- - - Updated - - -

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