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Bring back "goreBlockHumanCorpse"

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Is there away to add the "goreBlockHumanCorpse"(from Blocks.xml) to "zombieTemplateMale"(from entityclasses.xml)?


I would like to transform the dead Zombie into the Goreblock instead to despawn them. Is there a command line which i can add to my file ?


i was tried this:

<property name="goreBlockHumanCorpse" value="air"/>
<property name="CorpseBlockChance" value="100"/>
<property name="goreBlockHumanCorpseChance" value="100"/>

but is was experimental and dont worked^^ ...

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I think it should be possible to do that. Since i wanna do something similar (lootable bodies and/or lootable goreblocks instead of ugly yellow backpacks), you made me try something.


In entityclasses.xml i changed the lootcontainer mesh:

<set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class/property[@name='LootDropProb']/@value">1.0</set>

<append xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[@name='EntityLootContainerRegular']">
	<property name="Mesh" value="Gore/gore_block1_Prefab"/>



This lead to goreblocks being dropped right next to the dead zombie bodies. So with that you get dead bodies PLUS goreblocks. Maybe if you set the <property name="TimeStayAfterDeath" value="30"/> to 0, the bodies disappear instantly while the goreblock is being dropped. Didn't try that, yet.


Sideeffect: This way you always get lootable goreblocks... so you have to adjust it to your needs.



However, if there is a way to make the dead bodies turn into goreblocks after a while, i'd also like to know how this can be done.

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I added some thing thats can be harvest from dead bodies atm and same for the Goreblock bodies.


While dead Zombies give some more Stuff thats can be gathered from there the Goreblock give just small tips. I would like to allow Dead zombies to transform in goreblocks in order to guarantee thats ppl who take the time to kill these Zombie get the materials for sure. So much more if they gather the corpse and lesser if they running out of time and just farm the gore block. Running out of time at bloonmoon maybe.


Droping goreblocks instead of Bags aren't a good deal for me^^

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Droping goreblocks instead of Bags aren't a good deal for me^^


Yeah, same thing for me. I have also chosen the option to make the dead bodies lootable. For now i will just extend the time the bodies stay after death, but i guess too many dead-body-models might affect the performance. Haven't tested this, yet.


If you find a way to turn the lootable dead bodies into lootable goreblocks with the same loot, let us know.

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