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Grand opening of the Boomstick Gang Server - PVE only Looking for players

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We are looking for friendly players to hang out with craft and enjoy the Red / Horde nights with.


We have built a spawn area for newbies and we have care packages for all.

No need to beg or donate to get a item you desperately want on day 1 just ask.


We do not tolerate griefers or abusers. We backup the server on a regular basis so griefers cant remove all of your hard work.

However there is the chance you may lose a few hours work if we have to restore from backup after a banning.


But we will provide any lost materials and then more.


We even will provide one of every vehicle so you can start running around the server on your new bike or truck.


Hoping to see you all




PS: We have Botman service and large bags mods. Which includes way points and teleports to locations.


XP: 200% Loot: 200%


Please let me know if you have any questions.

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We are helping people out with Construction packages and all vehicles after you establish a claim. We allow 2 claims with a 121 LCB size. We have had like 4 new players join us so far looking for more good people. No Raiding, No Griefing. Just friendly gaming and helping each other. No struggling for supplies to build or survive we provide it all so you can focus on building or exploring.

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