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AMAZING Ideas 4 next 7D2D Versions


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I'm writing this article to attract game developers attention to my ideas and to learn if anyone except for me wants such features.


yes, I know TFP team has tons of work to do and hundreds of bugs to fix in A17, but I've come up with some interesting ideas you may like to see in-game in the future. today you are going to have a three-course dish with appetizer and dessert.


A-a-and appetizer is... books!

yeah, yeah I saw the dev diary, but such system won't last for long, at least until the player finds all the books and reads them. Where will already known books go? into a rubbish bin? scrapped into paper? sold to those creepy traders? It's unfair!!! books should be following one simple rule: the more you read, the better you do. get it? look at the Enforcer: Damage. as Joel said, it increases the magnum damage by +5%. I am not judging this, it is quite cool, but since you have read it you can only get rid of other books that are the same. but what if you could read it (at this point you have +5% dmg), then find one more and read it too, getting +5% dmg to what you already have (+10% dmg in sum!), than one more (+15%!!), and another one (+20%!!!), and so on until some limit(let's leave it to guys responsible for game balance). This will make every moment you find a book feel like you are a kid who was given a candy!


I'm not sure how TFP team can do this, but such reading system could be turned into an independent skills branch.


Hey, the first course is coming! it is perks change!

In A15 character leveling was good, In A16 it was different from A15, in A17 we have something absolutely new. but as my dad said, there is no limit to perfection. Well, I don't think developers should create something new, I just suggest taking some features from A15 and (I'm not sure the next word is suitable) exporting them into next versions. have you guessed what I'm talking about? Exactly! It is "the more you use it, the better you use it"(I think I have already heard something like that). I suggest this system partly exchanges attributes system. I mean, that you would be able to increase your perception, strength, fortitude, agility and intelligence attributes only by performing actions from these branches: using ranged weapons, using melee weapons, using medicines, running/jumping/swimming, crafting things, etc. If you wonder what will happen to your skill points, you still can buy special perks with them. in such way, players would be able to upgrade strength perks at max level, but they still can have good stamina and health. talking about intelligence>crafting perks, they can be separated into smaller groups like ranged weapons, melee weapons, transport, construction, armor and... well... Idk what else you need, but you got the point. In such separation all "classes" will need intelligence as well, but won't be so dependent on it. here is a screenshot to make it clear if you misunderstand something:

2089680945_105710851080108410861082110110821088107210851072(5).jpg.ed6494f0a5e1f117d7fd448054753847.jpg Idk why it's so small


The second course is here! It is crafting stations!

Crafting in 7D2D is its weak point, in some meaning. Yes, there are lots of recipes, and they all are quite balanced, but they are totally unrealistic! Just imagine some guy who had been surviving in zombies' world for several month taking cooking pots, smelting them in a handmade stone forge, making steel out of them and after that making a 4x4 truck and ak-47 on some flimsy wooden table! it's an absolute nonsense! In A16 and bellow it would have been alright if you made firearms on workbench because there were ready made pats. But in our ruthless reality, if you want to make a simple mechanical part as nut out of a piece of steel you need specialized machine for metal carving. I don't remember it's exact name, but here is photo

b866e0f62bc9ab54ed4929e8d2255a75.jpg.5de8cce8d301a489d8847653f477f398.jpgjust found it on the internet


By the way, this one above looks quite cool, and if developers added some crafting station like this in-game and made it in such a way that it used power while working, it would be absolutely awesome. If you ask me, I would use this for crafting firearms, mechanical & electrical parts and for all transport types except for bicycle because it can be made using pipes and welding equipment. talking about instruments, it would be fair, if workbench could be crafted without hammer and wrench, but had tools slots (just like forge and campfire do) for wrench, tool&die set(it would be better if it was here) and welding equipment. the last one is really significant to make... hmm... absolutely all sorts of things, that are made of more than one metal part(you can't even make a wrench without welder in real life). I also would like to have ovens which are using gas for advanced cooking, but it isn't so significant.


Here is the third course!(my favorite) guns system!

as you know, new gun augments were added to make it possible to create something special out of ordinary firearm, and whatever you say, I like it. But let's face it: in 7D2D you are just an ordinary person who are immune to zombie virus, and it is the only special thing about you. without a special education and factory you can't craft even a military pistol(I'm not even talking about something like sniper rifle or ak-47). I'm not saying we need to get rid of weapons we have. Of course it is possible to find a real firearm at military bases, but there is no chance to make them yourself. BUT don't be upset! although you can't make a real gun, it is quite easy(for handy people) to make a hand made gun that shoots real bullets. It is time to reveal what am I talking about: what if we could make a gun in the way we want it to be? I suggest an absolutely new system of assembling guns:


step 1: frame type: small, standard, enormous. this one affects the final size of weapon you make and therefore it's effect on characters speed, jump height and stamina usage/regeneration.


step 2: receiver type: splatter(for shotguns, sawed-off guns etc.), standard(average damage and speed, used for pistols), automatic(for automatic guns), powered(I had no idea how to call it in a proper way. It is used for hand-made magnum, sniper rifle and hunting rifle. I hope you understand me). receiver type is the first thing to consider, because bullet type depend on it.


step 3: magazine type: small, standard, big, enormous(It doesn't change the gun made during steps 1&2, but without it your gun won't be able to shot).


these steps are basics to create a functioning weapon. When they are completed, you can attach any augments(note: it is not a ready-to-use idea, it is just how I see what 7D2D needs and it needs changes and improvements before it can be done by developers). here is an example how it could work


??? - means you can use your fantasy to imagine what it is. I only made an example for a minigun.

I still want to say some words about crafting here. I suggest that player can only make a small magazine, small frame, and standard receiver. other options are unlocked by books. and you need a special perk to enter assembly menu. I also want developers to notice, that common firearms become useless when you get a good gun: they are just dusting in your storage with no usage, that's why I think we need combine section in workbench back. I'm done here.


Time for dessert! electricity!

Actually, I'm satisfied with what we have, but I only want three options: remotely controlled doors, "hide wires" option and ability to connect cameras(aka motion sensors) to TVs(you know why).


that's all

well, that's all I wanted to say, I would be thankful for your comments and ideas, so feel free to share your thoughts and even criticize. And if someone from The Fun Pimps is here and reading this, I want you to know, that you guys are awesome, and managed to create a game that is familiar to everyone, and unique to anyone at the same time. Thank you!


P.S. I know that adding something like these features can take donkey's years, but maybe it worth a shot.

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