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PVE Server Looking for more people.


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We are restarting our server and adding a password. We are looking for people that will add to the server, not just ask/take from those that put the work in.

We have people that like to build, farm, and loot. If you enjoy doing those things, feel free to message me.

We are looking for people that have some experience in playing the game. We are not interested in babysitting, but will help when needed/asked.

Everyone plays the game they want, but you have to be willing to pull your own weight.


Our server is strictly PVE. Any stealing or messing with other player's bases/stuff will result in immediate ban. We are an 18+ server. If you join and find out you are younger, we will ban you.


https://discord.gg/2jQ7Qxd Is our discord. You must join before we will invite to server. Push to talk is required.


There is no building in POIs and No building in the city.

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