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Mind blowing awesome sauce 7 days to die videos! YOU WONT BELIEVE YOUR EYES


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Ok making a new thread since i can't edit the previous title to have super clickbait title


here are my vidz so far.


this one is the most popular one - 1.2 k views so far exceeded my wildest dreams and it brings the lulz


this one i just uploaded its a tier V fetch quest - with an M NIGHT SHAMALAN TWIST - IM DRUNK


this one was a16 in single player I REFORGED the forge house into a mighty bastion

full disclosure, a17 came out, and i hadn't played a16 for a while, so i just ended up using creative mode to finish cementing up the downstairs and painting it. but the rest was legit built over a long time, slowly becoming a towering behemoth base




this one documents my friends multiplayer server. all our server are prefixed with brand new - for every time we wipe. it pvp. there were a lot of cool bases including one i called pyramid base cause of the long ramp up that cleaved into the middle of a mountain. its not really a pyramid but clickbait title amirite??? so anyway i video taped the various bases we built plus the abandoned pyramid base - no one knows who built it but those players up and vanished. could be aliens???


this one is documenting my A15 single player bases


it not as exciting but it shows how clueless i was - i literally built a base where i spawned in the middle of the woods with no useful POIs nearby AT ALL. but once again i slowly mastered the dangerous zombie forest until my home became a zombie slaughtering machine!!!

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its called begging for subscriptions :smile-new:



but yeah its another remodel, from alpha 16, that i finally got around to editing


same idea - take a POI and make it beautiful

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