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First real PvP Mod: Minks_ModChallenge


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A 7 Days to Die Mod written in C# for the dedicated server of version A17(.x).



What does it do


This Mod will increase PvP action on your server for sure!

This Mod allows you to challenge another player on a PvP server. The other player gets notified and can accept the challenge. Three minutes later, the challenge starts and both of you get the distance and relative location to each other in a ticker (e.g. "321m north-west") until one of you dies.





I made the experience, that on PvP servers people build their homes somewhere hidden. Most likely underground. Understandable, to be not seen is the best way to not get base raided. But you are still for a reason on a PvP server, don't you? And have no option for some quick PvP fun.

ModChallenge closes the gap!

Equip yourself, get some distance between you and your base and challenge someone!


Hunt him down or get killed trying... This Mod will get some decent PvP into your servers!




Server ideas


You can use this Mod just as an additional feature of your PvP server.

Or you can build a server for the dedicated use of it: let your players start with level 100 and fully equipped and everyone can start to challenge others.


Screenshots on NexusMods.





Allocs Allocs_CommonFunc mod (7dtd-server-fixes.dll) is needed. Ether all 3of allocs Mods or just the "Allocs_CommonFunc" one is fine. You can get them here.




Ingame console commands (F1)


For users

Challenge [<player_name> | giveup] [ accept | cancel ]

Default PermissionLevel 1000


Simple Examples:

You use: "Challenge Joe"

Joe uses: "Challenge YourName accept


"Challenge" without any parameters shows your current challenge invites.

To withdraw a challenge invite: "Challenge JoeFarmer cancel" (can only be done before the challenge started)

To deny a challenge request: "Challenge RequesterName cancel"

To give up a challenge: "Challenge giveup" (can only be done in a running challenge)

If you want to challenge a user with a space in its name, use quotes around it.


"C" is the short version of "Challenges" and can be used with the same parameters.

"withdraw", "deny" and "revoke" are aliases for "cancel".



For admins

ListAllChallenges [settings]

Default PermissionLevel 0


Lists all challenges in all states (also ended ones)

If the settings parameter is being used, the command prints out the current settings loaded from the xml config file.




Chat commands (t)


Like the console commands, "/Challenge" and "/c" can be used in the chat window. The parameters are the same.





Download the Minks_ModChallenge.zip file from here: http://ge.tt/9mSHY1u2 or if you want to support me on nexusmods, then download them from here and place the unpacked Folder in the 7 Days to Die Mods folder of your dedicated server. Remember that this Mod depends on allocs server fixes. Make sure you have them in your Mods folder too. See Requirements. Of course, you can also compile your own binary from the source. VS project file is included.






The configuration file is named "Minks_ModChallenge.xml". For an example see here. The Mod will look for it in the save game directory of your game. If it will not find one, it creates the file while the first server starts with the mod. The default values shown in the example will be used for that.






I published the source on GitHub. Here is the Link: https://github.com/Mink80/Minks7daysMods/tree/master/Minks_ModChallenge

Feel free to download the source and build it yourself.




Mink / Sadokath

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