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Painting and Waypoints


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Hi, I love this game but I think there's a lack of Paints and Waypoints.


I would live to learn how to MOD around it to add new Paints and Waypoints, but I don't know how to do it. I know how to change some values in .xml files and do some stuff as add new items, make those items appears at Traders and containers, those kind of stuff, but stuff only changing .xml files.


Since Paints and Waypoints require create a new img, I don't know where to find the assets, I could open the asset file, duplicate the amount of Paints and Waypoints (of course, I would have to draw each one of them to fit nicely in the game) and probably change some .xml to add Books to learn the Paint and how to place in the world, stuff like that.


Waypoints seems esiest, it seems I just need to add new images to Waypoint and add the entry of each new Waypoint? Yeah, I would have to take a look in it to see what can I do... But besides all of that I don't know how to reach assets file or folder. Can someone give me a little help how should I start that work?

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