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EU PvP | A17.1 |28-01| 2x Loot, 1.5x XP, 2 Points/LVL


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Fresh 24/7 server as of 28-01, looking for players, active admins.



2X Loot Abundance

1.5x XP

2 Skill points per level up



Air drop frequency: 24

Air drop marker: True

Block durability modifier: 100%

Build create (Cheat mode): False

Daytime length: 18 in-game hours

24 Hour cycle: 60 minutes

Drop on death: Everything

Drop on quit: Nothing

EAC enabled: True

Enemy difficulty: Normal

Enemy sense memory: seconds

Enemy spawn mode: Unknown

Game difficulty: 2

Game mode: Survival

Is password protected: False

Land claim dead zone: 30

Land claim decay mode: Linear

Land claim expiry time: 3 days

Land claim offline durability modifier: 4

Land claim online durability modifier: 4

Land claim size: 50

Level name: Navezgane

Loot abundance: 200%

Loot respawn: 2 days

Max spawned animals: 60

Max spawned zombies: 60

Player killing mode: Kill Everyone (3)

Requires mod: False

Show friend player on map: True

Stock files: False

Stock settings: False

Version: Alpha 17.1

Zombies run: Default. Run at night.

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