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Use CharcterFrameWindow values on the HUD?


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I've been playing around with windows.xml and was interested if there was any way of getting the values in "CharacterFrameWindow" onto the HUD? (HUDLeftStatBars specifically) When I try using CharacterFrameWindow as the controller it gives me the error of "ERR [XUI] Failed initializing window group toolbelt" and "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"


Here's what I'm trying to do:

<rect width="100" height="20" pos="300, -126"  controller="CharacterFrameWindow" visible="{statvisible}">
               <sprite depth="1" name="border" color="0,0,0,128" type="sliced"/>
                <label depth="7" name="TextContent" pos="0,0" font_size="14" color="255,0,0,255" justify="left" pivot="topleft" text="{playerxptonextlevel}" height="26"/>
                <label depth="7" name="TextContent" pos="0,-4" font_size="14" color="0,0,255,255" justify="left" pivot="topleft" text="{playerlevel}" height="26"/>


Thanks for your help!

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