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Seeking players to join with us.


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Greetings friendly 7DTD players,


The GF and I have been playing for many hours and are becoming bored by ourselves. We're looking for between 2 to 5 other players that would be interested in playing on our dedicated server with us. (We have auto-leveling action skills on 17.1).


We have our own high-end dedicated server with numerous mods, some of which are highly unique and can be considered 'overhauls'. This is why we are not playing on other servers - we prefer our custom mods. (They make the game more realistic and more challenging instead of 'too fast too easy').


We are mature adults (most of the time) and prefer the same company. We're open to PvP or PvE. Discord can be established. Voice coms are preferred whether in-game or discord. (If discord, push to talk will be required).


Contact me privately if interested or have any questions.



Thank you.

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