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dedicated server connection timeout 17.1b9 experimental (latest build)

Wandering Neanderthal

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I have a dedicated server setup through gtxgaming and the server works great, that's if you get to connect. I was the first one that encountered this issue where I would connect to the server by selecting it in the server list and typing in the password. Then it would try to connect for 10 seconds and give you the server timeout message. So to fix this I tried everything from checking steamfiles, redownloading 7d2d, restarting pc, restarting server, and every single time it failed the same way. While I'm struggling my friend is connected and playing. I thought I figured it out when magically it started working when I decided to connect by IP. The next day my friends are having the same issue as I did and the fix I found is not working for them at all. After about 20mins of messing with the game they finally connected except one of them was still stuck. Has anyone had this issue or might have an idea on what is causing this connection timeout?

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