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[PS4-Pro] [Structural Integrity] Partial Collapse of Base


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Game Type: Private Server

Map Type: Random Gen

Seed/ Save Name: Nemesis

Disk or Digital: Digital

DLC: None


Difficulty: Survivalist

Run: Default

Aggression: Normal

Day Length: 18

Drop on Death: Backpack Only

Enemy Memory: 45

Enemy Spawning: Very High

Block Durability: 100

Loot Respawn Time: 5

Loot Abundance: 150

Air Drops: 0

24 Hour Cycle: 50

In-game Day: 170

Installed Game Location: Console

Remaining Space in Install Location: 93.1 GB

Host or Client: Host

Upload Speeds: 5.3 Mbps (Trying to test the up/download speed did disconnect me from the game. These are not speeds for when I am currently playing the game.)

Download Speeds: 53.1 Mbps

NAT Type: Type 2

Wired or Wireless Connection: Wired

ISP: Comcast

Router Connected to Console: Xfinity: xFi Wireless Gateway

How Many Consoles: 1


Step by Step

Unfortunately, there is not much to put in this section. But I will put down what I did leading up to the collapse.

* Took on the Day 168 Horde

* Made a trip to the trader

* Picked up some airdrops

* Went on a mining trip.

* Stopped by the Hub City to kill of some zombies that had been lingering around for a while.

* Drove back to the base


The Bug

Upon arriving back at my base, approaching the side that the garden is on, the base started to load in and then the SE corner of my garden structure just started to collapse. Only one corner of the building collapsed, even though all sides are supported equally, and all of the supports remained in place. The building just collapsed around the support pillars. Another strange thing about this was that the lights I had placed in the building were still floating in mid-air. I was even able to place a frame above the light where the floor used to be. This happened on day 170, and the building has been completed, and in use, since day 126. I have also made many trips out of town and back again the same rout that I used prior to this collapse. In reviewing the video, it did seem like the base had only partially loaded in as I approached it and may have started to collapse because the game did not register that there was another ¾ of a structure holding it together. (This is purely speculation, though).



Luckily, depending on your perspective, I happened to be live streaming the gameplay at the time of the collapse. I will go ahead and place a link to the YouTube video and the time of the video for when I was just about to pull up to the base. Hopefully this helps.


Start video at 1:56:10.



There were a couple of things that I did differently this stream than in previous ones. For one, I stopped and picked up some airdrops that had been sitting on the map for at least 100 days. (Sorry for not having exact figures on this one for you) I didn’t change any of my settings, but I had not gone out to gather those airdrops since I turned the setting off quite some time ago.

The other thing that I did differently was the killing of the zombies that had been gathered around the Hub City. I had noticed that it seemed like the same group of them were there every time I drove through that part of town. I can’t be sure, and don’t know how that would affect my base the way it did, but it was something out of the ordinary since I usually just drive by them.

Beyond that, there is nothing that I can think of that was out of the ordinary for me that day. The garden had stood as it was for 44 in-game days and I have driven up to that side of the base a great number of times. I only play this game when streaming. So, there should also be no difference to account for with usage of bandwidth on my internet connection. I did recently move and set up a new internet connection, but I had streamed from this location a few times prior to this happening.

My apologies for the lengthy post. I just wanted to be as accurate as I could be. I would appreciate any feedback that you could give me. And I understand that there is probably no one to work on issues for the console at the moment. So, I do not expect to have this worked on anytime soon. I am just curious as to what might have happened and if this is something that I might be able to avoid in the future.






P.S. I will be streaming on 1/17/19 & 1/18/19 (around 12-4 PT). If you have a chance, you could stop by and I could show you the area and you ask questions about the save file while I am on it.

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