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New Zed Idea [Infected Survivor]


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So I had the idea for a new zombie, the Infected Survivor. [Yes im aware the infected survivor is a used model in the game already, but the name doesn't fit the vision if you ask me, they can be renamed to something else. lol ]


Rare Spawn Zombie


Most of the zombies we are dealing with are pretty old.. decaying, and decrepit, that's what zombies should look like right? Well, after a while, yes, so what does the virus look like on a newly infected survivor?


If it would be possible to create a randomly generated character similar to how we create our characters and give those characters signature signs of freshly becoming infected/zombified I think this would be an interesting new concept that would give an idea of what happened to our fellow fallen survivors.


Unique abilities- Well, they're freshly infected, so they can run, jump and use tools to attack you, they also always have a bag on their back which will indicate a higher chance for a loot drop which will contain.


Still retains a bit of its intelligence due to the brain not fully deteriorated yet.

Bit more durable since they will be wearing things like leather or iron armor.


Usually large amounts of water/food or tools, to simulate what would have been a survivor trying to gather survival supplies.


In MP if a player dies, there could be a very small chance they turn into an infected survivor just for immersion reasons.

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