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About Powerattacks in Mining and Resource balance


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so in 17.1 the powerattacks in minning became 100% useless, with lvl 120 all mining/block dmg skills maxed i Need 3 powers hits to get a normal 500 hp stone block, also 3 hits with normal attack and ist alot faster and my Stamina is still regenating, so no way i will use the powerattack ever again to minning.

also the sand grinding is totally useless, it is faster to grind stone and crush it to sand, like 3x faster

the xp is way to high, after 2 mins of minning i already gathered 2k xp and thats bananas!

altought i like the normal minning attack so much more, i hate what the power attack became, thats just a wasted 5 skillpoints now which hurt to see.

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