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Bill bye the Science guy


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So after many days (in game time) I myself as a creator and base builder have run into many issues/snags. I would like to take the time to explain the problems I ran into as well as make suggestions to how The Fun Pimps could either improve, add and change some things.



Power in this game is simple to understand (and is unrealistic but heck its a game I'm ok with it.) If I have power connected to a trigger plate which connects to a light I step on the plate light turns on.. perfect However, driving over said plate does nothing... ok? Here is where the issue. If I have power to power to plate A which goes to Light A and I have plate A to plate B which connects to Light B. Stepping on B only turns on B but stepping on A turns on A and B (kind of annoying but oh well) I have to hook Power to plate A and B separately so stepping on A or B only turns on light A or B Again not exactly a problem the problem arises on two different situations. One being if my base is wide enough and I need to put down Plates on all sides Only one generator can hook up to 9 different trigger events. So 9 1x5 pressure plates is the max. If I need 3 1x5 plates I can't hook them all up without needing a second generator. Now I can have plate A hooked to Plate B then again to C or have A to B B to C and good to go. Issue with that is Stepping on C turns on light C. B turns on Light B and C and A turns on all three.. not what I want. So in this situation the only thing I can do is hook up Plate to plate and deal with all lights turning on when stepping on Plate A. Or setting up multiple generators. I have two ideas to fix this.

1. Allow the generator to hook up to an infinite amount of trigger events. (Wattage still has to be taken into account)

2. Create a new electronic block called Circuit Breaker for all I care. This item works like a relax all it does is allow power through an object doesn't trigger the events after the breaker unless activated manually. In other words stepping on A turns on Light A but not B and Stepping on B turns on light B not A. Even though Plate A is hooked to light A and plate B. But since its hooked to Plate B due to the Breaker that prevents A from triggering Event B. This will allow The Generator to be hooked up to Plate 1A - 9A (can't hook up to ten) then allow 1A to hook up to 1B - 1D and not trigger 1B - 1D when stepping on 1A.


Second Issue

Lets say you want your base to be set up in a way where A zombie steps on a plate a light turns on (so you know which side of the base) as well as an alarm (so you know there is a zombie) The only way to do this is by having power connected to Plate A to light A and Alarm, then connect Plate A to Plate B, plate B to light B. However if a zombie steps on A light turns on alarm sounds, but on B only light turns on. If you connect Light B to Alarm Light A will be removed. The only fix if have Plate A to Light A and Plate B. Have Plate B to Light B then alarm. Then have Light A connect to Light B. This will have the affect that stepping on B turns on B and alarm and stepping on A turns on A and alarm, but it also turns on B.

You might think "Oh well look at the lights. If and an B are on they are at A and if it's just B they are at B. Which is true until you have Plates C and D then you would have to really do more thinks. The only way to fix this issues is to have more than one thing hooked up to an alarm. Currently in game the only way to fix this is o have power to Plate A and B each to their own light and each light to their own Alarm..... The number increases each time you have a new side of your base (hexagon bases)


Added Electronic ideas:

Here I have some new ideas for electronics in the game.

Different Type of Lights and the ability to change the color as well as change if the light is static or blinking ect. Different lights would be things like alarm lights, or chandelier.

Either A new Garage Door or change the current one. The new one (or changed one) can be hooked up to the generator when you drive up to it and trigger the event (with a motion sensor) and the door opens. Instead of driving up getting out opening door. Drive forward and closing doors, just to get back in your car (depending on how its set up) and drive some more. Make it cost more electric parts as well as 20% more of the other resources (maybe more).

Same thing above but with the draw bridge.


This would be hard to do (I say that sense I have no programming experience) but basically building a small lift/elevator. Three buttons would be needed. One on floor 1 one on floor 2 and one in the elevator. The two on the floor would just call the elevator to that floor while the one in the elevator would just change which floor its on. You could set more than one floor however each floor one need a button on the floor as well as a button in the elevator which would get messy. The height of each elevator can be predetermined by TFP. If it can only get up 5 blocks or 20 that's their call.


A new relay. Currently there are two relay normal and timer. Which is basically an extension cable and an extension cable that works between certain hours. How about a delay relay? How this works is you set up your electronic event and add a delay where you want to. Now I know the game has that with the delay feature in the event starter (motion sensor) but that effects everything it's connected to. So imagine you have a sensor hooked to a light alarm and a turret. If you delay them all by 5 seconds it'll take 5 seconds before you gun shoots them. But if you don't the gun just starts shooting. So what if you want to set it up so your light and alarm turn on giving you time to head out and kill the zombie for that sweet EXP and not the Gun. That's what this relay is for. With it set up it'll do just that. Light and alarm turns on but gun won't for X amount of seconds. Giving you time to kill the zombie.


This one is a lot harder to make and program but a motion sensor that rotates. This works just like other motion sensors. Except it rotates how this works is when you edit the angel there are two buttons Save A and Save B. All this dose is allow so you can set it up where it looks left then turns right... then goes back to left and repeats. Now the position can only change in a straight line. If you set it to 12 O clock and then again at 6 it will start pointing up and drop downwards until its facing straight ahead then continue to the 6. If it starts at 12 and you want it to go to 3 it will travel along path to 1 2 then 3.


Lastly some new alarms. This can be done two ways. One Allow us to change the alarm sound in an options menu (Holding E on the Alarm) and selecting which sound you want. Or by building in Alarm A B C ect, each with their own different sounds.


I have other ideas but I am still thinking about how they would function and what the best practical use out of them are.

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Non Electric ideas.

This is a no brainier but the way the vehicles interact with some blocks is beyond stupid. Like a small stone damaging your 4x4 is kind of dumb.

New kind of slope/ramps which allow even smoother driving. This way you can drive your 4x4 down said ramp onto a flat ground without damaging the blocks kind of like a car pulling onto the street after exiting a car lot. The other idea is change how the blocks interact with other blocks while driving. I know the vehicles are treated as a rectangle hitting the ground at an off angle would cause it damage but changing the shape to be more curved would allows us to hit the ground from a ramp and not cause damage to the block. I personally prefer my first idea.


A new Garage Door and Drawbridge. Both being called the same but with a (wide) in their name. It's the same thing just wider. The wide versions require the same thing as the normal version just double. As well as the electronic versions of them (as explained above) What this would allow is 2 4x4s to pass by each other or (if not made that wide) one 4x4 to pass through without needing to worry about accidentally running into the door. The wide versions would of course have more life.


A new decorative wall mount. This works like a chest but also like a forge basically you either equip the gun you want in the wall mount (each wall mount only holds one type of gun) and press E which removes it from your built and puts it on the wall mount or hold E and drag and drop. Not a needed one but a fancy idea.


A new type of explosive, C4. With C4 it doesn't do a lot of entity damage but a huge amount of building damage. Destroying level one Concrete it one go almost destroying level 2 and doing good damage to level 3.


Game mechanics changes.

There are a few things in the game that need/should be changed, not to make the game easier but in a sense more enjoyable for all players.


Add-ons for creating a new world. when creating a new world you can change many options such as difficulty, amount of zombies per blood moon, even zombie spawning. But what about changing things that make is slightly easier. In a world a buddy of mine play we have survived till day 71, and are level 90 something. Basically when the blood moon comes everyone is radiated and I can't do anything due to all the lag. On earlier moons it was easier and I could do stuff because there wasn't any lag. All the glowing green jerks lag me up. So how about an option that turns off radiated zombies? I don't mind the zombies getting stronger and stronger. Maybe at some point it'll take 2 AK clips to drop one. But with all the zombies basically being green now I can't play due to all the lag. So I would like the option to just turn Radiated zombies off. So I can keep playing.



Two need features I think would help. One being EXP multiplayer and Level. The multiplier affects any and all people it just multiplies the games base exp by an amount so instead of killing 20 zombies and leveling up 3 times I can kill the same amount and level up 30 (10x multiplier) this would allow a person to really have a casual game if they so wanted to. If they turned zombie spawning off they couldn't level up really well.

Level works like EXP except everyone starts off at what ever level the game Admin sets so if it's level 20 everyone starts at level 20 with 20 points to spend.


Lastly some perk ideas. a new Int perk "craft master." Level 1 - 5 reduce crafting resources by 10 - 50% (rounded) 4 and 5 has a 50 then 100% chance of creating 9mm and shotgun shells and 0 than 50% for 7.62mm. So basically At level 5 you can create a 7.62mm with 2 gun powder instead of 3 also a chance to create 2 bullets instead of 1.


That's all for now... sorry for the very long post but couldn't think of an easier way of saying all this stuff. Let me know what you guys think.

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Took a while to read all that but was worth it. I totally like your ideas, especially the plate that turns on a light when a Z crosses over it. What would be even cooler would be to have a siren that goes off when the light comes on, for times when you're deep underground working. Good job.

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You can already set it up so a siren turns on and so does the light but that would turn on all lights after the initial trigger event. So A would turn all lights. B would turn on the lights for C and D and so on. In order to not do this you would need one siren per trigger event which is a bit stupid. Why not just one siren and be able to hook up A - D events at the same time to it?

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