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Rafts and Boats!


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The reason I made this thread is because when me and my friend spawn in a RWG, a lot of times we have to pass rivers and such to get to each other. I think water based vehicles would help out with this issue a lot.



Made to be cheap so you can craft it when you first join, should be able to hold 1 person or two, and is faster then running in the water.



They could be naturally found in lakes, rivers, or can be crafted like all other vehicles with the frame, paneling, propeller, and engine. They take gasoline, like most other vehicles, and move at around the speed of a minibike or motorcycle. However if they run out of gasoline, they can still function but in exchange, only move the speed of a raft.


Boats could also have a sail upgrade, which allows them to move about .5 times faster than the raft, and allows the player to ditch the engine.

Sails could be crafted with cloth fragments and forged iron.

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