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[US/East] Small group looking for PvE players


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Dedicated 24/7 East Coast server. RAT Manager used. Discord available. Looking for chill, mature (21+) players. Map has a ton of POI's.


Loot: 120%

Respawn: 5 days

Default walk/run

Day/Night cycle: 90 minutes


Bag drop on death

60 total world zombies

60 total animals

72 hour air drops (marked)

Rad zombies health reduced

20% more exp gains

2 perk points per level

Increased all vehicle speeds except 4x4 (mini bike is well worth it now, and bicycle is slightly faster with crazy hops)

Grab Bag for random loot every 2 hours

Voting bag coming soon!


Feel free to comment here or add me for server info



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