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  1. Actually now the more I think about it, the harder this becomes. Just outputting with XML is pretty easy, but adding in the edit-ability would require a rewrite of most of the logic of the tool. And without the ability to edit the values, the XML output doesn't help a whole lot. I will consider it if I find myself with a lot of time on my hands, but unlikely. Thanks for the kind words and the suggestion though.
  2. This should work in Windows 10, it was compiled in Windows 10, so not sure the issue. Possibly don't have correct .Net version or not updated?
  3. Setari, sorry about the delay, I didn't get informed of a new post here. The crash is due to a lootgroup being referenced in your loot.dml that is not defined prior in the file. Look for typos in your loot group names and the references. Or something similar. I will correct the crash in next release to give more detail.
  4. Alpha 5 of the loot viewer uploaded. * fixed an additional math error with probability templates * Upped the default max skill to 200 to match alpha 15 * increased decimal precision to 4 on probability display * added new Alpha 15 loot container names.
  5. Thanks Stompy, sorry I didn't reply earlier, been busy. I will make the update and add a new release.
  6. New Update to Alpha 4. I fixed the Probability Templates when they were used int he LootGoups, but they weren't being equated (defaulting to a 1) when the probability Template was used at the Container level. This has now been fixed as well. Maths=hard. Check out the new Alpha 4 release to get the newest fix.
  7. HAHAHA, I am a dumbass... (Yes, I had to look that up on google). Sorry Yes, at straight Containers, it is absolutely pretty easy to see the approximate probability of an item, but once you get 3 LootGoups deep it becomes much more difficult. Especially as I have found some pretty bad probabilities for TFPs Items in there. I have used this tool to fix a lot of those to my personal opinion (why I don't rel;ease my loot.xml, only the tool). Also now using it to add much more advanced Probability Templates, like ReverseBaseTemplate, so that I will find significantly less stone arrows once I hit the higher levels. Also, I edited Books, so I cannot find certain books until after certain levels, and upped Cement and Steel Skill reqs. (I am a masochist I guess??)
  8. I just ran the newest (Alpha 3 that I just posted) and came up with 2.66% for Tool and Die set in a Working Stiff's Crate with 14.7 Loot.xml. Independent of Player level.
  9. Oops, that was a test button, it doesn't do anything currently and will remove it. Forgot. - - - Updated - - - Hmmm, haven't heard of that tool, but fairly confident my math is correct. Will look at it again tomorrow to verify.
  10. Update! I needed this tool to do some additional work to my loot.xml and found 2 additional math errors in the logic of this tool, so I went ahead and updated it. Math checks out across all examples and levels I have thrown at it so far. Additions: a new containernames.xml file will be created the first time you load your loot.xml with the default names of TFPs containers, along with all additional containers you have added, though unknown containers will have a "" name. You can edit this file with your names, and those names will load the next run. Speaking of Container Names, now the name of the container will list next to the ID when looking at where Items can be found. Makes that view much easier. As well as next to the ID in the combo box. Math Errors that were mentioned above. I can detail if you want the specifics Loot Probability Templates now work correctly!!!! So if your Loot is based on a Probability Template, the tool will now figure the correct Probability, instead of assuming Prob=1 like it did previously. The downside, is the tool equates probability off all loot on the "Load" step for now, so comparing different Player Levels requires exiting and reloading for now. - use the MaxSkillLevel to set the overall world level, and the Player Level to set what you want the probability to be equated at Prior to clicking the LOAD button As always, post here if you have questions on the tool.
  11. Yes, you can find them in those locations, but remember they are in the .02% chance range, so close to 1 in 5,000 chance, so good luck with those odds. The RNG is never that nice to me when I am specifically looking for something. Also at pre 13.8 I think there is a bug where LumberJack's dead bodies weren't correctly associated with their Loot Container, so it while it was technically available in the container, the body never linked to it, so it wasn't really there.
  12. Updated, look at Alpha 2 release for the updated .exe to fix the minor math problem on Items directly in loot containers. - - - Updated - - - While the link earlier does work, it only works on the default Loot.xml assuming no changes made by the Devs. Once you start adding new Loot containers from Mods, those names won't stick. Best is to hope the modder added a comment in the loot.xml near their container ID to state what that ID is.
  13. You seem to be correct. I will look into it later this week when i have a chance. i think the problem only exists for Loot Containers that have direct items in their list, instead of just Groups, which Loot container 5 is one of the only ones to be like that. I will correct it and upload a new version. Thanks for the feed-back.
  14. This is actually Windows UAC causing the problem, due to your installation being in the program Files folder. If your Steam was located outside of Program Files, the issue wouldn't exist. The solution is to Right-Click the Loot-Viewer EXE and select Run as Administrator, that will give it the rights to the folder. Or as Numberz said, take a copy of the loot.xml to a folder not in Program Files and point the tool there and it should work just fine.
  15. LootViewer With permission of the author Earthworm, SphereII and Xyth (me) have updated this tool for compatibility with A18. I found this tool very useful in A15 to balance loot tables and loot items and hopefully you will too. We forked the original project until the author becomes active modding again, then he can resume updates. Earthworm's OP Below: I have an xml project at work in Visual Studio coming up, and thought I would do some prelim work on my own to familiarize myself with working in an xml based VS project. So I created a little tool to help me understand the probabilities of Loot in the loot.xml file a bit better. While I know adding something to the loot.xml and adding a "prob=0.5" doesn't really add a 50% chance of that item being selected, when you get into groups of groups of groups in containers it is really hard to grasp how those probabilities actually work out. So this project helps me visualize that. For example, Joel recently stated in an A13 play-through that Honey was a rare drop in a tree stump now. But if you actually do the math, the way honey was added to the loot.xml in A13, Honey is actually the Highest probability drop in a tree stump at ~21.25%, nothing else in the tree stump has greater than a ~2.2% chance of dropping. This is due to Honey being the only "Item" that has a drop in the stump, all other drops for the stump (lootContainer 35) are Groups, so while there is a ~20% chance of "Medicine" being dropped, it is lower prob for the individual items within the medicine group. Honey was already a "Rare" drop in a tree stump, but at only 1.25% (due to being in the cannedFood Group, with a 1 in 16 chance of being picked from cannedFood, which is only a 1 in 5 chance of cannedFood being picked from the stump container). So this project Scans the supplied loot.xml and parses all probabilities out, and allows you to see what the actual drops and their probabilities are for a specific Loot Container, or search by item name, and shows all containers that can possibly drop from, and the probability within that container of it being dropped. This is a super rough draft of the tool, but gets the point across (i.e. lootGroups with a count="All" aren't equating probabilities quite right yet), nor are the Counts of a Loot container added into the equation (i.e. There is a 21.25% chance Honey will be picked from picking 1 item from a tree stump, even though a stump may have 0 to 2 items selected from it.) If there is interest in the tool, I can expand its capabilities and refine the user interface further. Git project is here: https://github.com/EarthwormO/7DtD-LootViewer (This is for the old A15 version) A18 release (rar containing an EXE) is here: https://github.com/SphereII/7DtD-Loo...ases/tag/A18.4 To use, put the path to your loot.xml (with file name) in the "Loot File" text box and click "Load" button. When it has loaded the file, use the LootContainer combo box to select which lootContainer ID you want to look at, or change Search Type to Item name and use the combo box to select the Item you are wanting containers listed for. Let me know your thoughts on the tool.
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