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  1. "Boid's Pour One Out" This is what I need to look up?? OK, so what If one doesn't work, how would I fix it? Where can I get this, and will it work with 7DTD mod launcher?
  2. Using those as an example. O I know. I was just weirded out because if you have every been to [Not supporting>{putlocker, 123 movies, and other}<Not supporting] free site, they have that same thing. After you click the download, and it has 2 choses. Hay, let me look at your mods, link them if you want. I want mods to make the game more real life like. Ty for all your help, and explaining things to me. What is the difference between mods, and modlets? You don't have to answer. I know I am being annoying; but I love trying to learn new things.
  3. Ok I will give it a chance, I just don't want bad things to happen to my rig. Hay I got a question... If I download mods, and people join the game will the have them, Like if I join a server I get all the mods the server has, meaning when I start a game, and people join me, I would be the server. Does it work that way?
  4. I know I am paranoid; but it ask the thing, that free movie sites ask, and you know what that means. How do I know it is safe?
  5. OK, ty. If you know some good mods, that are not UI... I would love to have some. I have some of Mean Cloud, and I got a few from the guy that made CCTV, I always want more, to make it as realistic as possible.
  6. OK I just down load in, Hope it is safe, it came from S. forge, and I heard bad things about that site. It was blocked.
  7. Yes, I am on the latest update. It was premade. I want something like Nitrogen; but one their site, they said they are not updating it anymore.
  8. I do; but they always come when I am collecting stuff, or in a fight.
  9. "South Mufiko County" Came with the game. It is the same every time. OK so gamestage stage 4 it was. My XP is set to the lowest. How do the spawn some many time, and no music que like the wonders? I don't want to, I am trying to get good; but the consistency is what I am have trouble with, that is why I am trying to get help, so I can prep. Ty for helping bro.. I would like to know that as well. Because when I walk backwards I get hit, but before that there was noting there.
  10. TY sir. Now I have to learn how to use it. It's going to take awhile hahah.
  11. Could you link me, so I don't go to the wrong one. Please, and Thank you. If not that's ok.
  12. I guess you can close, lock, or delete this if you want. Thank you for the help.
  13. Hay you know that link you gave me @Roland When I went to message him to ask for help, all that stuff was there...; but now I am back here it is just like it was. So if I PM you guys I can post a screenshot, just not in the thread itself for some reason. So you did help a bit. Now I we need to find out what the heck is happening. Also If I can play 7DTD with you that would be swell>. Ok, is Imgur safe?, and easy to use because I am like the slowest guy learning new thing.
  14. I don't know. New account thing? After I hit that button it has another saying (Insert into post). I have tried it 5 or more different ways to get that to work, and nothing. I really do thank you, and appreciate you helping me, and I hope that you guys will continue to, tell we find out what's going on. Thank you all!!!
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