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  1. Still working. I went from crashes every 5-20 minutes or so, sometimes more frequently, to being able to play all day. Not a single crash since flashing bios to latest version. I tried MANY things but had crashes until that and changed nothing else recently in that last attempt. Frequent play of a couple hours a day since and 0 problems. Thank you all for the suggestions again.
  2. Okay. So I had flashed my bios I thought but I saw my bios were pretty old date so I checked to see if anything was new and they were still pretty old bios. I flashed new latest bios and so far no problems! Can't believe I didn't have the latest ones after all this checking everything. So far the longest I've gone without crashing. Thank you everyone for the help I really appreciate all of it.
  3. So far, I ran Memtest86 about 4 runs and no errors came up with all RAM inserted. I am pretty sure that people just do 1 at at time to eliminate and see which one has errors. If I am mistaken about that let me know. I could try more passes. I checked my 8pin connectors to the GPU and I have 3 8 pin connectors, 2 were split so I had 2 from PSU to 3 on the GPU. I tried connecting 3 8 pins from PSU to 3 8 pins to GPU and it still crashes. I don't think my temperatures were excessive for GPU or CPU but again I don't have proper VRAM readings I'll have to have those up when I test again. Any other thoughts?
  4. Thank you everyone for the replies -- I really appreciate that. I considered many of the issues you all suggested but will try some things that you have mentioned. PSU is: 1200 Watt - Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB - 80 PLUS Platinum, Full Modular I went overkill on wattage in case I wanted to do something ridiculous later and I was worried about spikes in the 3090 power draw. I haven't tested MemTest86 but I actually considered it during research for this issue and have it on a USB stick right now and will test it if I continue to have issues. I lowered my memory overclock but I will explore some more changes to the memory and the timings. I'll check my power connections again to the GPU as well. I've checked my CPU and GPU temps (although VRAM can become very hot and I was not sure for those temps the DDR6 can get very hot) and did not notice anything very high. I'll try to check again and have some more reliable numbers. If you all think of anything else please let me know. Thank you!
  5. Hello, I've played 7DTD for a couple years now and have had no significant issues. I have a new PC and since I installed 7DTD I have crashes every 5 to 20 minutes of gameplay (decent variation). The error is that I get a black screen and my computer reboots during gameplay. This does NOT happen with other games. I have tried a number of things, including windows Event Viewer, the logs in the 7DTD folder, updating all current drivers, verifying integrity of game files, updating Windows and lowering my overclock on my RAM from BIOS to defaults. System: RTX 3090 Ryzen 5950x 32 Gigs RAM 2TB SSD ASROCK x570 Phantom Gaming X Motherboard 1200W PSU Any suggestions? Thanks!
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