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  1. Seems like the reducing my Ram Frequency fixed the Freezes
  2. Jep sry I've meant docp. Yesterday everything was running stable.
  3. Good Morning. It`s a Coolermaster Masterwatt Lite 700 230V I have activated my XMP Profile in my Uefi after the first freezes happend. a few minutes ago i have deaktivated it and set the Dram Frequenzy to the Maximumm 2133 MHZ that Cpu-Z Says
  4. I don`t have overclocked my gpu or cpu
  5. Hi together, I play 7dtd since a few Months now. Since a few Weeks my pc complete freezes if the Game is paused and rarely while i`m in game. I allready Validated my Game Data. Didn`t Change´anything. It only happens with this game! I can play other Games like AC Valhalla, Metal gear solid V, or Hitman 1 and 2. I`ve allready Updated all Drivers and the Bios. My Specs are: 700w Power Supply Asus Prime B450plus Mainboard Win10 x64 Home Ryzen 5 2600 Radeon RX 5700xt 16GB Corsair Vengeance Ram 2xSSD (Game on SSD) 3xHDD
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