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  1. Hallo everybody, here a short idea for an EndGameDungen. How about an Dungen under every Tradingpost. Only the Traders can open it for you if you complete a certain number of the highest Quests. The secial at this you habe online time from 06:04 to 21:55 ( and the Gametime speed you play) befor you get kicked out und you have to folow the way. At the end can be may an lvl 7 Tool, armor or weapon. And every Trader hast a different dungeon and Boss Zombie. What you you think, is this some we would like? Have a nice Day, and
  2. Hello Pimps and Survivals, first sry me english is not the best so excuse me. But anyway, i play 7 days to die since release time be time. I´m very happy how the game growes more and more, while playing my friends an me talk a lot and we argrre that we and may some other players would find this ideas good enouth to think about it. 1. We have a chanisaw and a auger, but the auger is in our eyes more for dirt, sand an gravel how about a jackhammer for stone metal ect.. 2. Bone knife and hunting knife shoud be get a tier 3 tool as a butcher knife in the hu
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